Holistic Systems (Pty) Ltd

Our Services

"Untie the Why"

The company vision supports market diversification. By using innovative mapping of its offer, capabilities, and its ways of working to the customer’s challenge, comprehensive and relevant consulting services are provided. These include business thought leadership, leadership development, business consulting, and mentoring, also in the non-defence space.

Business models offered to customers are flexible and approached with a cost-value philosophy. Business models may typically offer the following options or combinations thereof:

–  Time and Material 
–  Cost-Plus
–  Success Fee principle

-  Strategy 

-  Ways-of-Working

-  Program & Projects Oversight

-  Business Innovation

-  Business Development 

-  Marketing & Sales

-  Product Life Cycle Management

-  Creativity And Innovation Lead

-  Solution Conceptualisation and Definition

-  Procurement Support

-  Internal Control Audits

-  Facilitate Staff Engagement

-  Team Building & Mentoring

-  Operational Test & Evaluation Support

-  Customer Experience Assessment

-  Research & Development Projects Support

Holistic Systems (Pty) Ltd
Holistic Systems (Pty) Ltd
Holistic Systems (Pty) Ltd
Holistic Systems (Pty) Ltd